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Alvino Salcedo

31; vegan 8 years; hometown Denver, CO

"Being enveloped in music from working in the record store was just really cool, to be a younger kid and be exposed to so much. As I got a little older, I traversed into the local scene of punk and hardcore, trying to be a contributing member to something that was a community. And at the time it really was a nice community, a little violent at times, but overall it was like a familial thing. Any younger person is looking for that, is looking for some kind of connection with people that are like minded. I found straight-edge, and as time went on, it fell into line with veganism.


There’s a lot of bands out there in our type of music that parade a vegan, straight-edge lifestyle, and they’re very blatant, they’re very animal lib, very aggressive. It’s cool to see that alive and well today in our music and not just from 10-15 years ago."


photo by Holly Feral

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