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Amit Zinman

41; vegan 9 years; hometown Ra'anana, Israel




“At around 2:00, I have a photo shoot at Ladd’s Rose Gardens. It’s gonna be a senior photo shoot. I’ve never done any of those, because we don’t have them in Israel. We have people graduating, but we don’t have senior photo shoots. Unless you’re really, really wealthy and you want to document everything in your life.


  "I did event photography and a lot of activism, which I still do. I spent a lot of my time doing more video jobs than photography jobs, but now it’s the main thing that I do. I did mostly motion graphics back in Israel. And that meant that I had to cater to a lot of corporations, which I don’t really like. A lot of banks, insurance companies, large Zionist organizations, and even the military. These are the kind of organizations that could afford my services.


  "As part of coming here, I was able to do stuff that was difficult to do in Israel. I was invested. I had a car, I had expensive equipment, and a studio that I needed to maintain. It was difficult for me to even think about selling all that and being just low key. But once you leave the country with just two bags, you kind of don’t have any option. It’s helpful to move from country to country, to start over. It forces you to reevaluate your life instead of just focusing on what you’re used to. Everybody has the things that they do and it’s difficult to change that once you’re invested in what your life has become.”



Photo by Holly Feral

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