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Ashley Mueller

33; vegan 5 years; hometown Oakland, CA


  "My craft is floral design. I started because I was reaching 30 and working in restaurants and [feeling] lost. I went to school for fashion but wasn't willing to put the effort into to really making it happen. I looked at all the odd jobs I had done over the years and remembered this co-op grocery store I worked at in my early 20s where I was in charge of the flowers. I loved it! I soon started playing around and began to teach myself how to create an arrangement. I took a short internship with a florist I admired and got a little insight. I left after 4 months and started my own business. I love my job.


  "I need to grow my business. I also just need more time in my life to work on projects that are for myself and not for clients. I want to create large art installation with flowers or have a gallery of flower installation I have created."


Photo by Helen Bailey

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