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Emily Hadley

40; vegan 15 years; hometown Tonganoxie, KS


"When I was a kid, like 10 years old, I was trying to make scale maps of my hometown just to jog my memory. I liked exploring it and understanding those things. I would get very caught up. If an intersection didn’t meet up perfectly and you had to jog through one side, I was always very precise with not making it look like a perfect intersection and getting those things accurate. It’s really funny going to my mom’s and digging through boxes of grade school stuff, finding little doodled maps that I drew as a little kid. It’s strange to look back on, because there was a decade in the middle where I wasn’t aware that I did that.


"I don’t like not knowing where I am in relation to how to get out or where things are located around me. I feel like I’m in a labyrinth if I don’t have a good spatial sense of where I am. I always have to see the bigger picture."


Photo by Holly Feral

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