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Gene Baur

54; vegan 31 years; hometown Arlington, VA


“I travel and talk to people in different communities all over the country. Thanksgiving is the time of year when everyone talks about the dead bird in the middle of the table. I think there is more discussion about adopting turkeys instead of eating them. I think more people are looking for a compassionate holidays instead of ones that are based around the body of a dead bird in the middle of the table. Something I'm also seeing a lot of are children. It's really cool to go to these Thanksgiving events and see young children, 2, 3, 4, up to 10 years old and are vegans since conception. Their parents are very much interested in these issues and supportive of the work of Farm Sanctuary. So that's been something I've noticed a fair bit over the last year, and it's been pretty cool.”


What will you be doing on Thanksgiving Day?


“I will be having a meal with my girlfriend and her mother. It'll be a very sort of low-key, relaxing celebration and it'll be all vegan. Her mother is not vegan, but we will be making all vegan food, so she will be eating vegan on Thanksgiving Day.”


That's something to be grateful for, huh?





Photo by Holly Feral

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