George Lin

35; vegan 5 years; hometown Costa Rica


"The election came full on and I've been involved with protest left and right, and I've been involved with activism. I've been heavily disappointed with how a lot of vegan organizations are not speaking out about the social justice issues. I feel like a lot of people that are very defensive about their organizations are not being critical enough. A lot of these people are not putting out statements. All you need to do is put a poster that says resist and say 'In solidarity.' That's all it takes.


  "But no, [they’re] not even doing that, and that silence, it's loud. It's been frustrating since the election, especially when I feel like veganism has been very accentuated with its whiteness. It's like, come on, especially with Standing Rock going on at the same time as the election, and a lot of people are not speaking up. There's people that are being very passive about it and not taking a stand. We cannot afford to do that right now. These are not normal times."



Photo by Holly Feral



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