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Janette Fernandez

28; vegan 4.5 years; hometown Los Angeles, CA


“My brother came to Los Angeles to visit me and he tried a Beyond Meat burger. All he ate for those two weeks was vegan food. Then I took him to a sanctuary and he met a cow. It was a large cow that had suffered a lot and was rescued from the slaughterhouse. There was something about that cow that he just connected with. Here's this boy, he’s like 6' 2", looking at his cow. He was almost in tears. He understood how broken the cow had been and how happy he was still, and that made him go vegan." 

  I wasn’t supposed to make him vegan. The cow was supposed to make him vegan. It is very powerful to understand maybe you are not that person that’s going to send a message. Maybe there's someone better, maybe not even from the human species.”






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