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Jasmin Singer

37; vegan 14 years; hometown New York, NY


"We are about to do a teleplay, which I'm very excited about because I'm very passionate about the link between fiction and the theater and change making. The teleplay, I will also be acting in, which is great because finally I get to put my college degree and acting to use. We're going to maybe even record it live in New York. It's a play by John Yunker, who is a novelist and a playwright. It's about veganism, told in a dark comedy.


  "It's in the very beginning stages, but it's something that we've been wanting to do for years, actually. I don't think that our movement focuses enough on the power and possibility of theater and the arts to create change. So it's something that I am extremely passionate about and it's what my background is in. Any opportunity I have to use either creative outlets or creative nonfiction as a way to open up new eyes, I think, is of paramount importance.


  "The teleplay is called "Sanctuary." It's very old-school 1950s radio play style. That was a thing, people would sit around the radio in their living room and listen to these plays these audio plays and someone would be writing stage directions. There would be sounds of footsteps and doors creaking, and we're gonna do all that, but it just so happens that it's a play about veganism and it's a good one! It's not like a cheesy, proselytizing work, it's actually funny and before you know it you're learning about veganism. Even one of the characters is an exterminator."


Photo by Holly Feral


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