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Jessica Kralj

39; vegan 2 years; hometown Vancouver, B.C., Canada

What brought you to Canada from Venezuela?

"The political situation down there was pretty messy at the time but not as bad as it is now, so...perfect timing! I just wanted to be able to live in peace in a safe place and be able to give that to my children."


Is there anything you miss about Venezuela?

"Lots of things! Family and friends more than anything, the weather, of course (It is summer pretty much all year around), the food (I ate tons of vegan things without even knowing what vegan meant), the beaches, weekends with friends. It is a stunning country that has been destroyed by real bad governments in the last 18 years."


Has your family been directly affected by the government?

"Yes, my family and all families living down there.  Most young professionals have emigrated to other countries, looking for a better life. It has become a "Cuba," where there's food shortages and people have to line up for hours to be able to buy essentials."


photos by Holly Feral

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