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Julian Schrock

10; vegan 1.5 years; hometown Baltimore, MD


"Gym is my favorite. We play all different kinds of sports. I like sports. A sport I really like to do is parkour. I’ve been going about 2 years. I like climbing and jumping on things, so my mom suggested parkour. I’ve always been a jumping and climbing type of person. The coolest thing I’ve done is a kind of tick-tack, where you bounce of the wall. There’s a bunch of vertical boxes in a loop and I was able to tick-tack to three then tick-tack to the other three.



My best friend Brian and I were doing that at school, at recess, some parkour. I’m teaching him. It’s not 100% easy but he’s really good at it, for a starter at least."

photos by Cara Schrock

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