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Kale and Aubry Walch

22; vegan 5 years

34; vegan 19 years

Hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota


Aubry: "I always wanted to work with Kale. I always wanted him to be cool when he grew up, and finally it happened. One time, I said, ‘We should open a food business together’ when we were at brunch together and you were like, ‘Yeah, no.’"


Kale: "I was going to be a pastor then. The Lord was telling me otherwise. I had to spread my Lord’s seed."


A: "And then, seitan was on the other shoulder."


K: "I felt it. Seitan won. I was gluten-free back then, but Lord Seitan shone his light upon me."


A: "Did you say you were gluten -free? No you were not."


K: "Yeah, I was gluten-free and then Lord Seitan saved me."


A: "Little Ceasars is not gluten-free, I don’t know if you know that."


K: "They’re not? Interview over!"


photo by Holly Feral

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