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Margaret Albaugh

34; vegan 5 years; hometown Spokane, WA




"I'm the youngest of three (or five, depending how you look at it). My dad sucked at being a dad. My mom had to do it all. She was and is amazing, but her story is far more fascinating than mine will ever be. In good Asian fashion, it is also full of sadness and humility. We spent lots of late nights listening to some of her most heart-wrenching stories. We were her children but also her therapists. 


I wish I could write a book about her. I don't know how I would properly convey her strength and grit. Maybe it would begin with how I came home from college one day to see she spent a morning changing her toilet, at 60 years old. Or maybe it would start with [her as] a young girl helping her three older siblings buy food at a local market in Taiwan to take home to their mother suffering from schizophrenia." 




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