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Markus Fahrenberger

36; vegan 5 years; hometown Muerzzuschlag, Austria


"I played a street show in Munich. People at the show actually wanted to buy the CDs, but CDs are made of plastic, which is oil-based. I thought it would be nice to encourage people to just go to the website to find out more about the artist they'd just heard and do research after they've left the venue. What I've faced in the last few years is that people have a short attention span. What does it take to make them do more research after they've left to track down the artist and find out where they can get the music online? Everyone uses smartphones, iPads, whatever. Nobody uses an actual CD player. New laptops don't even have a CD player.


  "The industry is going online, but you don't have a physical product in your hand. I think that needs to be readdressed in order to share with people, as musicians and artist compose, how much time and energy and money it takes to compose."


Photo by Andreas Knuttel


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