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Noah Paul Geist

22; vegan 1 year; hometown Spokane, WA

“In my wildest fantasy, I would like to compose music for video games and stuff. I've been taking piano lessons since I was about 5 years old and I started getting into making my own music by being very distracted and sidetracked. And not practicing the pieces that were given to me, just playing my own kind of thing. I did play a lot of video games as a kid and I really liked the music, so a lot of what I did was play some of the music that was in the games by ear. I'd just listen to what it sounded like and try to play it on piano.


When I was 14 or 15, my parents sent me to a composer camp where you learn about how you submit a composition. There was a quartet with a violinist and a clarinetist and a pianist and a cellist, and they all played the piece that I wrote.


I had a gig on It's a website where you do small little artistic things for people on commission for about five dollars each and I made a lot of music that sounded like 8-bit songs. It's music that sounds really old-timey, if you can imagine how music sounds in little arcade games, it's really lo-fi. I did make quite a lot of money on that. It was enough to get me some professional recording software. 


Photo by Margaret Albaugh


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