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Nyree "Sparkle" Amedee

46; vegan 4 years; hometown Mesa, AZ


“I moved from Colorado to Oregon just a year ago in November. I moved from a three-bedroom home that was a tri-level, two-car garage, and a basement—all of that stuff. I moved here to an apartment, and now I'm planning on moving again. I'm pretty much planning on getting rid of just about everything I own except for a couple of suitcases’ worth of clothes and maybe a box or two of some things I just can't part with or may need. It's pretty daunting to get rid of everything that surrounds you.


“At a base level I’ve always been an independent person and have oftentimes not really gone with the philosophies of the masses. I want travel. I want to experience different things, different people, different environments, different ways of thinking. I feel like the way to do that is to be flexible and limber and not be tied down by a lot of possessions, be able to move and take on opportunities as they come without being weighed down or held down by anything or anyone.”


Photo by Holly Feral

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