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Trang and Ted Lai

Trang: 46; vegan 12 years

Ted: 45; vegan 13 years

Hometown Huntington Beach, CA


Ted: "My first year of teaching was in the same school as my wife. We were already married and she was the assistant principal. So that was interesting, to have my wife there as essentially my boss."


Trang: "We really enjoyed working together. We actually miss it when we’re not together. I know that not all couples are like that. It didn’t get too much. We actually had something to talk about when we got home. I think we miss being in the same school district."


Ted: "It was something that really worked out for us. I think for some couples, they need time away. Trang and I try to spend more time together. One of my fondest memories in education is when I would walk my class to the library or recess or lunch and I just happened to see my wife. I would say, 'Oh my gosh, that is the most beautiful assistant principal I’ve ever seen!' And the kids would say, 'Mr. Lai, that’s your wife!' And I’d say, 'That doesn’t make it any less true.'"

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