Interview Nefer Flores

Photos & Introduction Francesca Carpinelli

Lead Photo Hair, makeup & style: Eve White; Model: Danielle Chaves; Photo: Holly Feral

Web Feature sponsorSoCal Vegfest

Originally published in Driftwood Issue Two

Día de los Muertos, called Hanal Pixan in th...

Story Alex Payne

Photos Nicole Brodeur

Web Feature sponsorV-dog

Originally published in Driftwood Issue Two

Unexpectedly, France’s growing vegan scene greeted us before we stepped off the plane. Our flight attendant, the perfect petite picture of a chic young Parisia...


Story Holly Feral

Photos Holly Feral, Jeremie Frémaux, courtesy of Miyoko Schinner

Web Feature sponsor Bare Bones Body Care

Originally published in Driftwood Issue Two


As someone who recently started a business, I can tell you that the fear of failing wakes me up at nig...



Story and Photos Daniela Lais

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Originally published in Driftwood Issue Two


In Austria, we have some rules for visitors. One says: If you travel to our country, you need to visit the Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) in our capital,...


Story and Photos Michele Truty

Images courtesy of the publisher

Web Feature sponsor Vegan Street Fair

For publication in Driftwood Issue Two



The Taco Cleanse

by Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich,
Molly Frisinger, and Jessica Morris


You had me at “Cleanses are the fucking...

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