Story and Photos Helen Feliciano-Bailey

Web Feature sponsorNew England Vegfest

Originally published in Driftwood Issue Three


Just over 400 miles north of the bustling city of Bangkok sits the mountainousChiang Mai. The “New City” has a cultural identity...

Artists Sue Coe & Zoe Kolln

Web Feature sponsorVegOut Seattle

Originally published in Driftwood Issue Three which we bring together two artists working from different parts of the world. In this issue, English artist and illustrator Sue Coe chats with Olympia, Washi...


Story and Photos Holly Feral

Web Feature sponsor GoodBites

Originally published in Driftwood Issue One


In 2007, TJ Tumasse kissed his mother good-bye. He got in his four-wheel-drive truck and blasted “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica as he drove off toward his new life...

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