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A Digital and Print Publication

Driftwood is the travel and culture digest for the graduated vegan. Each issue brings you stories of vegan travel adventures, profiles on people, and advancements in our global community.


We're here to break away from the entry-level content that fills most vegan magazines, the recipes and celebrity lists, and explore what lies beyond the threshold.


Driftwood is a celebration of what is possible in a vegan world. It's a place to see other vegans and celebrate our world with and through each other. The  publication launched in 2015, in simultaneous print and digital editions.




Our print edition is on high-quality stock so that it can be collected rather than disposed of. The beautiful photography, artwork, and intriguing, expertly crafted articles demand it.


We have also produced a podcast series and are creating our Driftwood in Motion video series.


Learn more about the Driftwood editors.


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