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We are always looking for a variety of stories about vegan* travel and culture.

Content styles and subject matter include but are not limited to:   


  • Cartoon/Comic Strips      

  • Editorial Writing and Photography

  • Profiles

  • Travel Tips       

  • Travel stories   

  • Photography   

  • Vegan Faces

Our goal is to fortify the vegan community by creating a greater sense of culture with heritage and a bright, flourishing future. Collaborating with Driftwood is an opportunity for vegans be part of a creative vegan endeavor, to gain exposure, and be an active agent for developing the global vegan community. It also provides the public with a resource for information about vegan products, businesses, and events that they can easily experience. Since Driftwood is a document exploring and promoting a specific ethical lifestyle, we require content providers to be currently observing the vegan lifestyle. Also, products, businesses, and people featured in stories or photographs must be vegan.


If you have an story or artwork you want to share with us, email us at




This collection showcases vegan photographers and people from communities around the world. Photo submissions must be high resolution, at least 300 dpi with 6 inches along the shortest edge. Self-portraits are acceptable as long as they are photographed in a thoughtful way. Setting up on a tripod is recommended. No selfies or phone photos. 


Vegan Faces is journalistic in nature, an exploration of the diversity of people and lifestyles behind the vegan movement. Portraits should, therefore, be realistic and documentary. Photos too heavily edited, with changed backgrounds or unrealistic colors, will not be accepted.


Multiple subjects in one portrait are acceptable, but everyone in the image must be vegan and fill out the form. Also, we love diptychs!


All portraits are subject to approval. Email to submit your portrait to Vegan Faces or if you have further questions.


By submitting your photo, you give Driftwood permission to publish your photo on its website, social media outlets, printed materials, magazine, and printed volumes of Vegan Faces portrait collections. By submitting your photo, you are also giving Driftwood the right to edit your photo.


INTERVIEWS: Everyone featured in a Vegan Faces portrait must fill out this form, which covers necessary information and permission to use their image. Portraits must also be accompanied by an interview conducted by either the photographer or Driftwood. If you conduct your own interview, be sure to include the following: subject’s name, age, years vegan, hometown (as defined by the subject), and a brief quote revealing the character or life of the subject. We'd love to hear about other parts of the subject's life or personality in an effort to document and explore the diversity of lives involved in the vegan community. Quotes may be edited by Driftwood for grammar and length.



*Vegan=The definition of "vegan" as described by Donald Watson is the lifestyle of Driftwood contributors; that is to say seeking the freedom from exploitation of and cruelty to animals in our food, clothing, and beyond. Most importantly, a vegan by Driftwood's definition is a person who identifies themself as such. In our coverage, we seek stories that celebrate a considered life, free of animal exploitation.

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