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Meet the Editors





Compassionate exploration began

for Holly 14 years ago in the North American South, where animal rights have yet to find a spotlight.


Holly cut her teeth working for community papers and the Tennessean. Freelancing as a writer and photographer since 2006, she

has experimented with fine art photography, historical processes and freelance commercial photography since moving to the Pacific Northwest.








Michele has worked in publishing for
15 years: production and managing editorial at Penguin (making kids' books!); copy editing at Source Interlink; and writing, editing, and general word-nerdery as a freelancer.

Born in Chicago, she's lived in New York and L.A. and now calls Portland home. Her path to veganism began at age 11, when she learned how hot dogs were made, and she's been full-on vegan for a decade.

A creative carousel, currently focusing on graphic design, Heather is a morning person and a list-maker, and is always talking.


After ditching their hometown in 2010 for nearby San Francisco, Heather learned to embrace their true self and compassion for animals. Throughout college they studied Visual Communication and Human Sexuality, eventually directing a sexual education organization. After graduation they promptly moved to Portland with the love of their life. Heather is newly wedded and a mom of several furry babes.





Helen has been photographing professionally for 5 years. While her primary focus is portrait and wedding photography, you can find her documenting her day-to-day life and family travels. Having moved constantly for the past 10 years, she is a professional homebody with a traveler's heart, always exploring where she can amidst the chaos of motherhood and work.


Working with rescued dogs at a city shelter in Texas prompted Helen to explore vegetarianism, but it was her face-to-face encounter with the dog meat trade in South Korea that caused her to shift to veganism overnight.

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