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At Driftwood, we highlight a world full of culture and adventure. We couldn't do that without the support of our fantastic sponsors, who are the scientists, entrepreneurs, and artiststhe innovators for the vegan revolution. On this podcast, we get an opportunity to chat with them about lessons they’ve learned and important changes on the horizon.


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The episodes

Episode 13: Lukkah Churchill, Fatsquatch







When Lukkah Churchill says he's going to do something, he truly commits. Whether it's going vegan or opening up a food cart even after it's impaled by a tree, Lukkah always goes in 110%. With the wildly successful soft opening of his new PDX food cart, Fatsquatch, in his wake, Lukkah knows what it takes to run a solid business. However, he couldn't do it without the help of the Portland vegan community, his family, and his wife and partner, Christine.


Mentioned in this episode:


Fatsquatch's Social Media:


Episode 12: Monica Schrock, Bare Bones Body Care







Coming from a family of environmentalists might not seem cool when you're a kid, but Monica Schrock may beg to differ. Having spent her formative years in Texas with aspirations to become a lawyer or athlete, Monica's personal need for body care products that didn't include questionable chemicals paved the way for a completely different career.


**This episode was recorded over Skype and there were some technical difficulties. We appreciate your understanding and will do our best to fix this issue for future episodes**


Mentioned in this episode:
Food Revolution
Keep-A-Breast Foundation
University of Northern Texas


Bare Bones Body Care's Social Media:

Twitter: @BareBonesBody

Instagram: @BareBonesBody


Episode 11: Eric Day, Producer

Vegan Everyday Stories








If you're looking to watch a truly inspirational vegan documentary, look no further than Vegan Everyday Stories. We're joined by guest Eric Day, who, with his wife and a crew of vegan filmmakers, traveled the country to document the real lives and tales of a select group of vegans that range in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

Eric, who became vegan while trying to prove why he shouldn't go vegan, talks about how he got started in the activism world and how that led him to produce Vegan Everyday Stories, which also features interviews with Moby, Ed. Begley, Jr, and Russell Simmons.


Mentioned in this episode:
Forks Over Knives


Vegan Everyday Stories' Social Media:

Twitter: @VeganMovie

Instagram: @Vegan_Movie


Episode 10: Roz & Clayton McCallard,










If you've been to almost any co-op or natural grocer in the Portland area, you've certainly seen individually wrapped sandwiches with a heavy metal vibe. That's Snackrilege and their sandwiches are incredible! As Driftwood supporters from day 1, Roz and Clayton have quickly become a fixture in the Pacific Northwest vegan scene, but it hasn't always been easy.


Mentioned in this episode:



Snackrilege's Social Media:

Twitter: @snackrilegePDX

Instagram: @snackrilegeveganfoods



Episode 9: Dr. Corinna Basler,

Green Festival Expo







Green Festival Expo has been around for 15 years and the final stop on their 2016 multi-city tour ends this weekend (12/9-12/11) at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR. The Green Fest mastermind, Corinna Basler, joins us to talk about her journey as a vegan and marketing professional and how that has led her to join the already successful Green Fest.


Green Festival has events every year in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Portland, and will be launching an expo in Fort Lauderdale in 2017.


Mentioned in this episode:
Portland GreenFest Tickets



Green Fest's Social Media:

Twitter: @GreenFestival

Instagram: @GreenFestival


Episode 8: Jean White, Drizzle & Shine







The Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is becoming quite a vegan mecca, largely thanks to Jean White who opened her vegan boutique, Drizzle & Shine back in May, 2016. Not only does the store sell high-quality vegan clothing, shoes, accessories, but they also donate a portion of every sale to incredible vegan charities & nonprofits.


Be sure to look out for Driftwood at Drizzle & Shine, too!


Mentioned in this episode:


Drizzle & Shine's Social Media:

Twitter: @DrizzleAndShine

Instagram: @DrizzleAndShine




Episode 7: Michelle Schwegmann & Josh Hooten,

Herbivore Clothing Company







You've been to their website. You've seen their t-shirts and hats. Maybe you've even been to their store. But do you know the full story behind Herbivore Clothing Company? On this episode, Herbivore founders Josh Hooten and Michelle Schwegmann tell the entire story of Herbivore's past, present, and future.


Mentioned in this episode:

Animal Ingredients A to Z

Mercy for Animals


Herbivore's Social Media:
Twitter: @HerbivoreCC
Instagram: @HerbivoreClothing


Episode 6: Chris Hoffman, Fetch Eyewear







Fetch Eyewear is not only a fantastic eyeglass company using all vegan materials. They also exist with the sole function of funding Pixie Project, a Portland-based animal rescue and adoption nonprofit. Listen to Chris Hoffman tell his story of an animal-loving child who found his dream job with Fetch.


Mentioned in this episode:


Fetch's Social Media:
Twitter: @FetchEyewear
Instagram: @FetchEyewear

Episode 5: Seth Tibbot, Tofurky







Since the early ’80s, Seth Tibbot has played a huge role in the global vegan community. At a time when the word “vegan” wasn’t even a blip on the radar, Seth started selling tempeh at natural markets. When he developed Tofurky for like-minded “pure vegetarians” in the mid-’90s, he had no idea he would be the inspiration for future generations of vegan food entrepreneurs.


Mentioned in this episode:
Diet for a Small Planet
The Pollination Project


Tofurky’s Social Media:
Twitter: @Tofurky
Instagram: @the_tofurky_company

Episode 3: Nicole Sopko & Dan Staackmaan, Upton's Naturals








When you think of teenage punk kids in the ’90s, you might not think of delicious plant-based meat alternatives that can be found at your local grocery store. Dan and Nicole will make you think otherwise. They’re responsible for Upton’s Naturals, the makers of packaged seitan and jackfruit that have been changing the game since 2005. Nicole is also the owner of two yoga centers and a founding board member of the Plant Based Food Association.


Anyone who has dreams of starting a business will no doubt be inspired by their story and entertained along the way.

Posted 9/16/16.


Mentioned in this episode:


Upton's Social Media:

Twitter: @uptonsnaturals

Instagram: @uptonsnaturals, @uptonsbreakroom

Facebook: /UptonsNaturals


Episode 4: Caitlin Galer-Unti, The Essential Vegan Travel Guide








Vegan travel to some may seem like an oxymoron. The truth is that you can thrive as a vegan traveler, but it doesn't hurt to have a little help. That's why Caitlin Galer-Unti wrote The Essential Vegan Travel Guide and regularly updates her blog, The Vegan Word. You may have also seen Caitlin's article, "Springtime in Romania", in Issue Two of Driftwood.

Posted 9/30/2016.


Mentioned in this episode:
The Essential Vegan Travel Guide on Amazon


Caitlin’s Social Media:
Twitter: @TheVeganWord
Instagram: @TheVeganWord




Episode 2: TJ Tumasse, Animal Legal Defense Fund








TJ Tumasse is featured in Issue #1 of Driftwood magazine, Driftwood in Motion’s first cycle, S’mores Stories, and probably much more in the future. On this episode of And Now, a Word with Our Sponsor, we learn how TJ’s background as an investigator has prepared him to manage the investigation team for ALDF. Posted 9/9/16.


Mentioned in this episode:


ALDF’s Social Media:

Twitter: @ALDF

Instagram: @animallegaldefensefund

Facebook: /AnimalLegalDefenseFund


Episode 1: Leigh Sanders, Art of Compassion Project







On the debut episode of And Now, a Word with Our Sponsor, we chat with Leigh Sanders, the creator of the Art of Compassion Project. This nonprofit is the first recipient of Driftwood’s nonprofit scholarship, which rewards a free full-page ad to an organization that aligns with Driftwood’s passions. 


During their chat, Leigh tells Jon how her decision to go vegan filled her with the need to do as much as possible for animal rights as fast as possible, all while living in a small village in Spain. Posted 9/9/16.


Mentioned in this episode:


Art of Compassion Social Media:

Twitter: @aocproject

Facebook: /AnimalActivistArtBookProject


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