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Shannon Hickman

22; vegan 3 years; hometown Aliso Viejo, CA


“I was a chemistry major. Growing up I really liked science, and design was a way that I could combine my love for science with my love for art. With design, you’re following a basic formula. Whether you’re doing layout or a website or a logo, you’re using these basic principles. You’re also using your own creativity. You have the freedom, but you’re working around these perimeters.


"I’m really into user-experience design, which is the science part of it. It’s about how design can make people’s lives better—or just a more livable life. How we can alleviate people’s problems. It’s basically behavioral design, but it’s linked to user experience because you’re looking at what people are currently doing and trying to make it a more seamless process.”


photo by Holly Feral

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