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Genesis Butler

11; vegan 5 years; hometown Long Beach, CA




"I'm getting ready for school. We're going to be making signs for a student walkout. A lot of schools are going to walk out. It's from the shooting that happened recently. We're going to walk out to show that students really do care about things like this. The sign I'm going to make, I'm thinking, 'Students for a Safer Safer World' or 'Students for a Peaceful World.'"

In my school, we're taught peace and love, so nothing bad would ever happen at our school. But for other schools, it makes me very sad, because children shouldn't have to go to school and be scared about shootings and stuff like that. They should go to school to learn and not have to focus about that. 

Our school is a homeschool co-op. We're taught every single day to love one another. We have this thing in my classroom called the Community Circle. My teacher will ask us questions and we'll tell him how we're feeling. He wants us to open up to him.

Photo By: Beth Lily Redwood / Location: Wildwood Farm Sanctuary 




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