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Dakota and Chelsea Gale

34; vegan 4 years

37; vegan 4 years

Hometown Portland, OR


D:We took off on what was supposed to be a four-month road trip to just to get out of the Portland gray in the winter and continued to travel a lot over the past three years. It was eight months initially, then we did a four-month bike tour. And then lived in New York City, traveled in Central America, and spent a couple of months in Portland. It’s chunks of time, two to four months of various travel, where we’d be in the van or renting a place or bike touring. We volunteered at Farm Sanctuary in Northern California.


C: We did a bike tour in Europe just before that.


D: I traveled right after college for a year overseas. Just me and a backpack. I’d never left the country before. I came back to an engineering job and watched the world through my digital screen and absolutely hated being in an office, working for other people. So I just created my own business that would let me have flexibility but really just owned me for the first five years. I needed a break in 2013, and that’s what prompted this trip. It was Chelsea’s idea.


C: We met each other traveling, in Prague. So it’s kind of woven into the fabric of our relationship, this need to travel.


Photo by Dakota Gale

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